The Chinese brand has a fondness for big V-Twin-powered cruisers, and employs an engine that may be familiar to you.

China is home to dozens of motorcycle manufacturers we’ve never heard of or seen before. As it would turn out, the Chinese motorbike industry shows no signs of slowing down, as more and more players join the game. The newest of which? A brand called X-Wedge, which just made its debut on September 9, 2023.

Showcasing its wares in the Moexpo Trade Fair in China, the brand is different from other Chinese manufacturers in that it doesn’t focus on small-displacement commuters, but rather massive cruiser models and trikes clearly inspired by big American V-Twins. In total the brand unveiled five new models which are reportedly ready for production. X-Wedge is a new brand under the Huansong Industrial Group based out of Chongqing, China, which has been in operation since 1988.

A prominent feature of four out five of these is a massive V-Twin engine with a displacement close to 2,000cc. The engine is reportedly derived from renowned American engine company S&S, whose engine, interestingly also called the X-Wedge, has similar characteristics to the engines found in the new Chinese manufacturer’s models. More specifically, the engine has a bore of 108 millimeters, and a stroke measuring also 108 millimeters. Displacement is 1,976cc, with a low compression ratio of 9.75:1. As such, power is claimed to be 103 horsepower at 5,000 rpm, and torque is 110 pound-feet (158 Newton-meters) at 3,000 rpm.

As for the specific models, X-Wedge has five, of which four are powered by the big V-Twin engine. The first one is a cruiser called the Ranger RX2000. Presented as the entry-level model, it’s obviously “borrowing” many styling cues from Harley-Davidson, and has a hardtail-looking frame (it has a concealed rear shock), as well as a lot of chrome, and of course, a laid-back stance. Up next, the Rover RL2000, based on the RX2000, gets a massive front fairing, and is decked out in all the equipment that makes a full dresser.

Moving on to the three-wheelers, the Voyager VS2000 is essentially a Ranger RX2000 with a sidecar. Interestingly, the third wheel on the sidecar is also powered, connected by a differential to the driven wheel of the motorcycle. Up next, the Vanguard VT2000 is a three-wheeler with two rear wheels. It’s decked out in all the amenities needed for long-distance touring, and weighs in at a whopping 490 kilograms.

Lastly, X-Wedge has also launched the Walker WR1000, the only model not powered by the S&S-derived 121-cubic-inch V-Twin. The Can-Am-style three-wheeler gets a smaller, sportier engine composed of a 975cc V-Twin with 81 horsepower and 56 pound-feet (80 Newton-meters) of torque on tap. It sends power to the single rear wheel via a CVT, and gets a handy reverse gear, too.

At present, it’s yet unknown if X-Wedge has plans of distributing its products outside of China. As of this writing, the brand hasn’t even announced pricing and availability in its local market. Nevertheless, stay tuned for more information, as we’ll be sure to provide an update as more info becomes available.

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Source: Motorrad Online, Gadget Tendency

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